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Feb. 23rd, 2008

Just so you know

Here is the Link to my blog spot for my book and all of my daily blogging, I have 5 Blog sites and I skip around, you have to view all of them to get the whole picture, sort of like breadcrumbs in the woods...



Writer's Block: Let Down

Describe a moment when you were let down.
  When My First Book was rejected for publishing

Jan. 14th, 2008

My Blogspot Site

  I now have a Blogspot Site as well: http://ccvanetwork.blogspot.com/ you can also serch under Frontal Lobe

Sep. 11th, 2007


WELCOME TO OUR BLOG SITE DAY1: The First Entry- "The Dawn of a New Mind Crime"

We hope to inspire thought as well as entertain. We will suggest many conceptes and hope to get the juices flowing, so with no further adoo, here is a suggested blog site for your mental measure-

The Rouge Scholar: http://roguescholar.blogs.com/

This Blog is written and posted by my good friend in NYC, and he really knows how to use his cerebellum, and he is one of the few in NYC who's Cerrebellum is not located in the central Tubulous of the Colonic Chamber withinthe depths of a Glutius Maximus. 

Read it and Learn.



I am trying to build a Network for all forms of Artists and Entertainers, I feel that My Wife and I can Contribute a great deal to the Humanities and to the Arts.

Below is a list of all me sites including my Photo Gallery site on Flicker.

My Photosite-

My Business Site

My Artist Site

My YouTube Site.

My Blog Network Site

My Personal Blog Site

 Search for: Joseph Timmons



Sorry, I belitteled myself and our cause, actually, we plan to promote events all over the US, Starting Locally and plans to dominate the world with intelligence, however, if you have not yet discovered my spelling is not the best, butu to my defense I am Dislexic and slowly going blind, no joke, i am slowly going blind, but no matter, i will do my best to make the CCVA the best in Artist networking.

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Check out our new web site for the promotion of the entertainment arts, we are looking for artists of all kinds who would like FREE promotion of their concerts or events in the Central Coast, CA area. 

We are looking to give the public access to any and all intellectualand entertainment possible. we do not charge for posting ads, we want to promote your music, videos, shows, events and we even have a way to help with marketing your merchandise, sell your CD's / DVD's and help writers with publishing, we want to be the best Coast to Coast Visual Art Network as well as promote all of the arts.

check us out at http://www.ccvisualart.com and contact us ASAP to list you group or event, need an event sponsor, we may be able to help. Check it!

Sep. 10th, 2007

What Do You Have To Say? - Music: My First Favorite Band

What was the first band you became a fan of?
My Very First " Favorite Band was "KISS", I saw my first concert with them in 1976, I was 11 and My brother had to take me with him because my Parents were out of town and he could not find a sitter, I've been a "KISS" Fan ever since.